Support our festival sponsors

We are so grateful to our Sponsors and Exhibitors, who help us to offset many of the Festival costs associated with things like street closures, sanitation facilities, refuse handling and clean-up, health officials, additional police security for the large crowds, medical and ambulance personnel, event permits, advertising, and so many other things.
Our sponsors support the Festival because you support them. Thank you!

Festival sponsors

100% Philly, 100% Fun

South Philly has been home to the S. 9th Street Festival for half a century. One weekend each year, up to 35,000 people celebrate on seven continuous city blocks—with a financial impact close to a million dollars. It’s an extravaganza for the senses — streets lined with vendors offering a variety of delicious delicacies, live entertainment, fun contests and more! Take this unique opportunity to introduce your products to a broad spectrum of consumers through your company’s presence in our radio, TV, print, and social media campaigns.

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